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My Tryst with Art

It didn't come late to me that I was very bad at blogging. My futile attempts to start one up until now has always met with stone-faced blank page or random meanderings of my chaotic mind. Nonetheless, it is about time I shared a few thoughts here. Reading or not-reading entirely depends up to you.

This is my first post, so I don't want to scare you away as of yet. I would rather indulge you; at least for a while.

This blog, this one here, is dedicated entirely to my tryst with pencils, colours, and whatever that brings out an art form from within me.

Human actions, its body movements have always caught my attention in one way or the other. The way our body moves and stretches even with the slightest act of motion, and the strong settled lines of the folds on our bodies while the body is still are something that always gathered intrigue on my mind. It didn’t come as a surprise when I naturally developed a liking for human figures in all my paintings – as a kid it was cartoons of superheroes, and now it’s the people around me who are heroes in their own ways. I want to capture the emotions of these people around me, the stories behind faces and postures.

The first bolt of lightning inspiration came from one painting named Alysha by James Needham. The subject is a blonde girl with tattooed arm. The strong emotion that it showed boosted my curiosity and I explored James Needham’s works fully.  Another artist that I got inspired from is Michele Del Campo. I follow the works of these artists very closely, and their style inspires me immensely. But, that was when I wasn’t aware of the evolution of art from Neoclassicism to Conceptualism. After having gone through it, of all the paintings, the one that stayed long after was the post-impressionism work, Absinthe by Edgar Dega. Gustave Courbet’s themes of Social Realism and Death of Marat by Jacques Louis David with the theme of Neoclassicism are also the ones that move me.

In future, I’m planning to achieve something that has above themes with my own signature style – maybe a bit of everything, or maybe multiple themes. I can achieve this goal by getting well-acquainted with the style of paintings that inspire me, and find my unique way to finish the artwork. Another goal I want to achieve is to make my own artwork with minimal reference from works done by other artists and photographs. For this, I have started to work on sketches and plan to dwell deep into the study of anatomy. As of now, oil is the medium that work well for me, as I like the way it behaves. But, I’m open to experiment and explore with other mediums too.

And, so starts my tryst with art. Let the colours guide me to my destiny.

~ RN

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